Published on September 26th, 2010

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  1. Tamika Cole on said:

    luv da new page but i dont like how we have 2 change ya pic on da page it should change by it self wit diff pics of u…………….luv u hope da new season goes will your biggest fan Tamika

  2. TRUONG HUNGTUAN on said:

    Love all of it. Maybe Videos in AceTv too.

  3. Tandrobdavis on said:

    Hey Candace thank you for adding the new website!!!!! Will continue to support you in ALL you do, Goodluck!!!!!!

  4. S_brownlee010 on said:

    She is So cute like mother like doughter.

  5. S_brownlee010 on said:

    Hope You get well soon gurl i know how it feels to be hurt and not be able to help your team hope to see you out ther soon Cp3 ur my motivation.

  6. shearbear on said:

    Candace Parker You Are The Best Wnba Player In The League! You And Lisa Leslie Are My Favorite Players!

  7. Julia Gunthrop on said:

    Is Candace Parker Playing This WNBA Season?

  8. JULIAGUNTHROP on said:

    Yes I hear you are playn i am one of your biggest fan

    julia cant wait sparks goin all the way !!!!!

  9. Courtneyford92 on said:

    Lets Go Sparks!!! # 1 Fan

  10. Diamond_pearls94 on said:

    I look up too you candance !
    Iswear Ihope Imake it out of here and be succesful

  11. Bre2335 on said:

    CANDACE PARKER = BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. so cuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU CANDACE you are my fav player of ALL-TIME

  13. basketball on said:

    YOU ARE THE BEST!!! <3

  14. Taylor_bball96 on said:

    this was at the game i went to in Chicago! you signed my jersey here!

  15. Shamerabryant on said:


  16. Pcsoutheast on said:

    I remember doing an interview with you while we were at an All-Star game at the United center. You were a junior at Nape Central then….

    Who knew what you had in store for the world of basketball. Congratulations on all your successes and much continued blessings in the future.

  17. Laronda on said:

    awwww she is so cute candance your the best love the website too dyersburg tennessee lady trojans love you!! number 1 fan!!

  18. leephilles20 on said:

    Candace your the best! By far my favorite player! I hope to one day become as great as you! And dunk as good haha.

  19. Kendrajewel on said:

    Candace, you inspire me! You are such a great player and come off as a great person too!! All i want is to someday be as good as you! You’re the best

  20. Zentarialyle on said:

    .she hurt her arm.?

  21. Luv&basketball on said:

    OMG I love her! i’m 12 and 5 foot 6, i’ll be like her soon!

  22. Anonymous on said:

    so beautiful1

  23. J. Fitz. Murray on said:

    u is all b4 and after…. perfection does not come…. by accidents 😉 i will must figure how to put and no buts inside of the Family 4 L I F E

  24. da2candaceparker on said:

    awww shes soo cutee !

  25. Flor_bskt on said:

    hola he visto videos de jugadas tuyas y wooow eres super!!

  26. Girlgreen101 on said:

    She is so cute. She looks a lot like you. Keep playing great and keep God first.

  27. Just wana say good luck next year and much respect to ya game

  28. Johntailor2048 on said:

    Do you have any sisters, since you’e already spoken for. Girl you are fine

  29. Wow the baby Pictures are great you did good the child is like an angel. I agree keep God first in your life…..

  30. do u know a coach ernie? he’s my coach that claims he coached u

  31. ShawnaceyW3 on said:

    heyy candace thisxx iisz shawnacey williams yhuuhr biiggest fannn iin the whole wiide world nd ii am trying my hardest tooh bhe liike yhuuh nd ii liive iin woodviile texas nd one day ii would liike tooh spend the whole day wiith yhuuh lilaa nd sheldon thankszz……..love yhuuuhr biiggest fan ever

  32. love yah candace!â(TM)¥

  33. Lemuriamcknight on said:

    Hey there Candance,just wanted to you knw that you are best female player out there I think…I watch you play at the McDonald’s High School All-Star game…till now..keep up tha good work as being a mother and basketball player…

  34. Norma fui on said:

    Hey there Miss Parker i would like to say how awesome u r, and know u r the best player in the WNBA, my daughter and i watch every game we can get in Australia. My daughter now 11 has been a fan of yours since ur last year in college and uses u as an inspiration to go all the way. Well thanx anyways take care and hope to c u and sparks take it out this year.

  35. Atabongbenita on said:

    smh she is very pretty

  36. Anonymous on said:

    Looks like back to the future.

  37. Marshawnda on said:

    i agree lisa and candace my idols!

  38. Taniahstephens on said:

    Hey Candace Parker i jus wanted to let u know that u r the best girl basketball player in the worl KEEP IT UP LOVE U

  39. Daphnedcf on said:

    When and where will you have a basketball camp?

  40. Precious on said:

    Heyy i really like and my name is Precious Danso and i wanna be a wnba player tooo hope i could make it and i noe i should practicee! :)) <3 <3 luvs with all my heart in alll ur games focus and practie and remember it's juz a friendly gamee!! Buyy !! lol

  41. Precious on said:

    Have a stragtiee plan and good luck and “GOOOO SPAARKKSSS*** * 😀 ;DD <3333333

  42. Azaria Henderson on said:

    Candace Parker…IAm Yhur Biggest Fann IWatch Lyk Every Game Yhuu Have….IPlay AAU For Northwest Magic…Hopefully One Day Yhuu Can Come And See Me Play

    Azaria Henderson

  43. Wag48 Bill Greene on said:

    Wow, what a beautiful child. Hope things are going really well for you and Shelden.
    Uncle Bill (Krystal’s uncle)

  44. Azaria on said:

    Heyy Its Azaria ; iWass Juss Goin To Sayy That iAm One Of Yhur Biggest Fann !
    iAlso Play Basketball ; iPlay For NW Magic ; Hopefully One Dayy Yhuu Will Be Able To See My Gamesss

  45. Jaijai on said:

    Candice Parker i really love you..!!!! i look up 2 you because i play bball also and one day i would want too be like you because your my favorite player. keep up the great work..!

  46. Jade Gray on said:

    i havv much luv and respect for you and hw you plzy and love basketball which is aslo m,y favorit sport tht i am best @…i also thank you for paving the way for young girls around the world!your are such an inspirationto mee and my twin sister that play’s nasketball and we wish the bsst to you and your family=)

  47. Jade Gray on said:


  48. sinai on said:

    i love u candace your the best. keep up the good work

  49. GO CANDACE YAY on said:


  50. Supermmano1 on said:

    u would have been better wit dwayne wade not ugly ass shelden 

  51. Lehleh3 on said:

    Candace you are my favorite player ever! You are my role model. I look up to you so much you are beautiful:)))) 

  52. Fitness_13 on said:

    You are the BEST And I Really Love You

  53. Pretty_lewis2cute on said:

    Hey candace im yo biggest fan n i guess im gud in bball cuz every time i shoot day tell me aight candace parker n plus day say i look lik u and i really wanna get to meet you in person

  54. Pretty_lewis2cute on said:

    Hey candace ur mi favorite basketball player..n mi favorite sport is basketball when i pratice doin skool mi team mates call me candace parker cuz day say i shoot lik u n look lik u…n i really really want to get to met u in person

  55. Pretty Lewis on said:

    Hey Candance Im 13 years old and 5’3. Your one of my favorite WNBA you and Lisa Leslie. Im a huge fan of you. I also play basketball. I like to play around and laugh but when Im on that court I dont play. Ohh yeah I forgot to tell you my name it is Pretty. My friends tell me I look like you. and I would really like to get to met you in person.

  56. dameona Lewis on said:

    I freakin love u. You are talented woman in god. Keep up the work. Nobody can take ur spot. And im a ball player myself and i look up to u alot. Your daughter looks like both of yall she is cuye and she is going to be talented just like u and shelden.

  57. Paris/forever b-ball!!!! on said:

    hey candace i’m a 14 year old girl right now and i just wanted to let you know tht i look up to you as a role modle. and all these plp tht get on here and say oh i’m going to make it up there like you someday day well chances are tht prob will never happen. cuzz really its a one amd a million chance and one i’ll be up there!!!!!!!! and i do know wat it takes to make it there my hole life is committeed to it.(((( 24/7 365 )))) don’t ever forget me! by the way my name is PARIS and 3 is my num. too!!!!

  58. Fitness_13 on said:

    I Love You Candace Parker

  59. ayhan on said:

    i love candace come to fenerbahce

  60. BidazzleSHOSH13 on said:

    Hey Candace im 13 years old and you and Lisa Leslie are my top role models!!! i live in los angeles and my family gets season tickets for the Sparks every year.  im a HUGE fan of the WNBA even though i dont play basketball my sports are soccer ans softball. i really enjoy watching you and the Sparks play basketball and i would love to meet you in person someday.

  61. Kirby Homer on said:

    Candace, you are my idol! my dream is to play at Tennessee and then go into the WNBA. I strive everyday to be as good as you (even though that isn’t possible). To meet you in person would be the greatest thing ever! I visited your court in Naperville…that was so cool! It was amazing playing on the court where you on! You’re my idol, and always will be! 
                                                                        ~Kirby Homer

  62. Deja Johns on said:

    Hay candace you are my idol I want to be just like you when I get older.I am thirteen years old and 5’4 I play basketball myself too.my name is Deja like Deja vu :).My favorite players in the WNBA is you,tina thompson,lesa leslie,and kristi toliver. I play ball with boys at home and i be ballin on the court they cant touch me.It will be awesome if I could meet you in person.

  63. mercedes mogollon dominguez on said:

    i love candace parker iam a player of basketball of perumy name is mercedes mogollon …i love her. iloveyou cnadace!!!!!!!!!! you are very interrestingfor me! 

  64. mercedes mogollon dominguez on said:

    i ammercede mogollon dominguez.i love you candace!you are wonderfulll!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i sayit serious. i love your job in all.i wait  know you . i am player of basketball of peru-piura.ONLY I LoVe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MUACH!!!!!  i am just the girl more taller i thing.to left.i love you…””””

  65. Darick6 on said:

    Damn Sheldon! Took my baby..lol.

  66. Darick6 on said:

    Damn Sheldon! Took my baby..lol.

  67. Nahshon Lewis on said:

    i want to be just like you when i grow up, i admire you so much. My name Nahshon Lewis and your one of the best wnba players there is.

  68. Maryamdogo on said:

    Incase you don’t know, you brought your own style to women’s basketball and now we are all so thrilled… We want to see more of you!!! I pray you speedy recovery!!!!

  69. Temirra ellis on said:

    candace you are a huge inspiration to many people. I live close to were you played high school bashetballin aurora. i hope to meet you in person one day because you are one of my favorite players in wnba history. Basketball is my favorite sport. Hope you come back and visit your home town.

  70. Kennedygavin on said:

    Hey my name is Kennedy I’m 5’7 and I am 12 years old and i wear a size 13 shoe in women and I am one of your biggest fan I will like to meet in person one day and here is my email address Kennedygavin45@hotmail.com

  71. CP3 is by far one of the biggest role models to young in this generation. Many girls look up to her knowing that she will not let them down. I want to thank you Candace for being a leader in girls basketball all over the world.

  72. ballislife6 on said:

    Candace you are by far one of the biggest role models to young girls in this generation. Many girls look up to you knowing that you go out on the court and play your hardest and give a message to young girls that they can become of whatever they want to be. Thank you so much and many girls will go back and say Candace Parker gave me the motivation to be at where I am now..

  73. ball.is.life.6 on said:

    hi cp3 im 13 and love basketball and can i just say you are the reason why i dont give up. i never thought i would be playing basketball as my main sport but one video on youtube changed me.. i now play aau and join every team i can, i take basketball very serious, i play everyday and work until my body refuses to get back up..thank you for being not only my role model but my hero!!

  74. Tanasia Rollins on said:

    Candace im your biggest fan. I want to be like you one day i have your # and all. I’m now 16 years old and I want to meet you sometime in my life.Your the best player of ALL TIME. Keep up the good work im watching you always. 🙂

  75. What  happen  last  night?

  76. Why did  your team  lose

  77. Why did  your team  lose

  78. Marvel10 on said:

    Hey I think you are one of the best b-ball players EVER!!! And i have an all boy class and whenever they say boys are better than girls i can always say “Oh, yay what about CANDACE PARKER”!!!!
    My cousin first showed me to you cause I sent him my b-ball photo and said I look exactly like you, maby i can show you one day.
    Anywho I have played every position in my high school b-ball team andnow im the captain.  Hope I can do you proud!

  79. Joseph on said:

    wish i cud have a picture wid you someday to post in my room 🙂 im joseph from philippines and a huge fan of you. i also love playing basketball and you’re one of my top fav.

  80. jalynn on said:

    candace parker yor my fav basketball player i really look up to you and learn from you i play basketball also im a freshman on varsity and i also play aau

    • Airheads on said:

      also you baby is so cute!!!! she looks just like you do you want her to play ball like yu when she older ??? and also can i have a couple pointers because im playing with girls older and bigger thn me but i hav hight im 5’7 1/2

  81. James Abraham on said:

    Hi Candace, I was friends with you on facebook a while back before your turned it into a facebook page, you are such an amazing woman, athlete, will we see you over here in England for the Olympics next year?

  82. Aleksandra on said:

    Just want to say that Candace,you are more than bball player for me,you are reason why i dont give up.i wake up everyday and i see you picture next to my bed,and i know that maybe i meet you someday and thank you for being my support and my reason.

  83. Alexiscarmichael on said:

    Candace Parker your one of my favorite players. my favorite sport is basketball i just really got into it this year. im in the sixth grade and im learing the game of basketball as a player everyday. You inspire me so much to push harder and i never say never. keep on striveing candace.I will see you in the WNBA oneday

  84. Afifiabood on said:

    love you 🙂

  85. Ur not one of my favorite players … YOU R AND ONLY MY FAVORITE PLAYER!! <3

  86. Dynah Jones on said:

    Candace Parker you are the best of the best when it comes to basketball.You are my idol and alot of people say I can play in the wnba as well . I just won the all -american award in slidell a few weeks ago.  Hope to meet you soon. IM YOUR #1 FAN. P.S. I know one of your teamates from tennessee personally #33 alberta augustie she was my sister’s and brother’s coach she is very good at what she does too, and a very good coach.

  87. Pylover99 on said:

    You are my all time favorite basketball player!  I love basketball n my name is Candace as well. 🙂  Its a dream of mine to be in the WNBA. You are an amazing player!! 

  88. A'Lexis Satterfield on said:

    Candace you have been my role model since you’ve played for Tennessee. I want to be exactly like you when I grow up. I’ve enjoyed the sport of basketball since I was 3. I began playing at the age of 5. I have always been tall for my age, I’m 12 in the 7th grade and I’m 5″9. I really want to meet you one day. It’s always been my dream to meet you one day. So if it’s meant to be I’ll see you soon!!<3

  89. Genesis J. on said:

    I’m a HUGE fan of you Candace! I plan to be one of the few women in the WNBA to dunk one day (even though I’m only 5’7″ now). I’m only in the 9th grade, but my biggest dream and passion is to play ball for a long time. You are one of my favorite players (next to Lisa Leslie and Maya Moore). Thanks for inspiring me to be the best that I’m can be!!!

  90. Mychayl on said:

    Candace Parker your my role model! Your the reason i wanna play basketball bout to play for the Pasadena Vikings! All my points are gonna be for u!

  91. Mychayl on said:

    and in 11 years old and 5’1

  92. #10_balls_hard on said:

    I love candace parker
    I am twelve years old. you are my favorite player in the WNBA. you are just an amazing athlete and women. I want to play for the LA sparks one day. i also wanted to go to the university of tennesse and play.

  93. Godwillisblackops on said:

    uhm lol Im 16 and i just saw one of your games and i just lOVE the way you ball and i think i developed a huge crush on you LOL

  94. Leslie on said:

    Hey!! I’m 14 years old going to be a freshman in HS and i’m 5’9(and 3 quarters). Candace you have really inspired me to be a better basketball player and thanks to you my family and God I will probably be a starting center for Varsity as a Freshman!!!

  95. Mrz.Blackwell on said:

    i love  the 2012 Olympic woman’s basketball team!!!!

  96. Bremarkable on said:

    Candance you are by far one of my favorite female atheletes. I’ve followed your career since you were a Lady Vol. Yes I am a huge Pat Summit & Lady Vols fan. Keep up the great work.

  97. Dajihroby on said:

    your the best on the team

  98. TASchmtt on said:

    I’m a Uconn fan from way back, but after watching the Olympics I am definitely in love with your play.  You and Angel McCoughtry have been the bedrock players the entire tourney.  I hope Geno is treating you well.

  99. Hey candace just saw u on tryatholon so sexy wet. wen u gotdunked with. waterbiggestist fan luv u

  100. paolina on said:

    I call paolina I’m a fan of basketball and I love your game because you are my favorite club I just want to be friends with you answer me on this mail: ngongouaya@yahoo.fr I speak French and I would be a day like you thank you for reading this message and please answer me thank you very much I also plays club in my country

  101. paolina on said:

    candace hello how are you I would like to be friends with you on facebook my inbox mamadounancy@yahoo.fr kiss I love you as much as you are my favorite club answer me please thank you I expected

  102. dennmichelle on said:

    hai miss candace parker you are one of my favorite player of the wnba ….. and i am one of your biggest fan ever… heheheehehe hoe i wish i could be like you someday ..i can see you in personal and play along with you ^^ bec. my favorite sport is basketball and i wanted to explore and improve my skills 🙂 i love you my idol!! by the way my name is denn….

  103. Hi Candace u r my favorite player ever I always want to play like you and I watch you and the sparks all the time

  104. Hi Candace I just want to thank u for changing my life and many others. U give the true meaning of dedication and hard work and someday I wanna be juss like you. You’ll c me on tv foooshoo(:

  105. It was nice to have met you at the autograph session after the Chicago Sky game on 9/14/12! I was the lady in all white Adidas suit…you made a funny face at.LOL! Just want to say you are the truth with the rock…the girl Kobe no doubt! As soon as the tickets go on sale for the playoffs Imma see ya again! New #1 fan

  106. hey candace……im sorry 4 ur lost today @ the game….but just know i thought u did amazing in the game……..from ur #1 fan Imani nathan

  107. Candace Parker Fan 3 on said:

    You played your best last night (as you always do) against the Lynx, and I appreciate all of the energy and heart you put in the game. Do not worry, your day of getting that sweet title is coming soon. You will reap the benefits. You are a role model in basketball for me and I want to play with just as much heart, energy, and power as you. Be encouraged. You will win. God Bless and stay awesome!

  108. Ayeniecey on said:

    you are an inspiration. you play your heart out. i hope one day i can like you when it comes to something i really love doing. you are likemy hero. ill always be a number one fan til the end of time <3

  109. Tiara Coleman on said:

    I luv basketball.It’s my fav sport.Everytime i’m playing I think I’m you. I keep things very serious,and I hope to meet you one day!

  110. Manuel Jr Pablo Basilio on said:

    pretty ace3 ur so cute……

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