Sneaker Stories: adidas TS Ace Commander

Published on October 11th, 2010

Earlier this summer adidas released Candace’s first signature shoe: the TS Ace Commander. It’s the only signature shoe on the market specifically designed for female basketball players. The Ace Commander is now available in a variety of colors on shopadidas.com. Here’s the story behind Candace’s first signature shoe.

DESIGNER: This is Candace’s first signature shoe. We worked with her to make sure every element of the shoe captured her own personal style and gives her the support she needs on the court. She loves the midfoot straps because of the support they provide for her ankles. We chose purple for the obvious reasonâEUR¦reps her team.

CANDACE: I love the patent leather purple stripes on the strap–I like my shoes a little shiny!

DESIGNER: Since Candace asked us for a shoe that was supportive and comfortable we wanted to create a unique strap on the TS Ace Commander for her. This strap is closer to the foot than a standard strap, eliminating the space between the shoe and foot – this design provides Candace with comfortable support.

CANDACE: The sparks stand out and match my team uniform and colors, which is important to me.

DESIGNER: We tagged her shoe with her nickname, ‘ACE’.

CANDACE: I love this part near the top of my shoe – in yellow stitching it says my nickname, ‘ACE’. This has been my nickname since I was little.

DESIGNER: Candace has narrow heels so we added extra foam in the heel of the shoe, keeping it cushioned and supportive at the same time.

DESIGNER: The primary technology piece here is that we put CLIMACOOL® in the sole so the foot can breathe a lot easier. CLIMACOOL® provides 360-degree cooling for the entire foot.

CANDACE: I have to have fly gear that matches head-to-toe.

DESIGNER: Candace’s favorite candy is Skittles so we used that as the inspiration for the pattern near the sole of her shoe.

CANDACE: Skittles are my FAVORITE! Love that adidas incorporated so many personal touchesâEUR¦down to my favorite candy.

Be sure to pick up a pair of Candace’s Ace Commander signature shoe HERE.

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